Friday, June 25, 2010


Much ado is being made of the latest victim of Aaron McGruder's Boondocks--Tyler Perry. Don't believe me? Google "Boondocks Tyler Perry" and read the listings. From blogs to newspapers, everyone's talking.

I can blog on this topic from many angles. My poison? The concept that McGruder is mocking Christianity in this episode. I'm actually chuckling right now. Anyone who can watch this episode and see mockery of Christ is missing the point by about a mile and a half.

The truth is this--Tyler Perry throws in a bit of Christianese for his fanbase. This suits him in two ways: 1) His fans think he's keeping it Christ. 2) His casual viewers regard his movies as "positive" because he mentions God. The only problem is that his attempts at being positive by including a few "God is good" lines is that he is mocking God. At least that's the way I see it. Some of his attempts are down right blasphemous. Sorry. Well, no...I'm not sorry.

The episode is on point in so many ways that it's ridiculous. It is what it is.

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Peep the Atlanta Journal Constitution article here. Be sure to read the 18 pages of comments.

More on TP later.


  1. I actually read all of the eighteen pages of the comment section, LOL.'s clear that so many people missed the point of the satire. What's disheartening is that the unbelievers can easily discern the nonsense coming out of Tyler Perry's movies/plays. I must admit, though...I've seen almost all of his productions and have laughed (enjoyed) at all of them.

    Someone brought up some interesting points dissecting his work and it kinda convicted me. What was also interesting is that one of my coworkers (homosexual) pointed out to me that what Tyler is doing is actually drag, but just put a Christian label on it. It's true. He gets a high five or a pass for it, but we condemn Ru Paul. *shrugs*

    I love the labels of your post, LOL.