Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Happenings and Thoughts since the last post

  1. Either I'm crazy or furloughs are dope. I feel so rested and energized. Much needed.
  2. Finally bought the Financial Peace Planner to go along with the book I bought about two years ago. We're doing some things right and some things wrong. Time to get down to business.
  3. Saw my great grandmother. She looks great. What a blessing to have a grandmother who is 69 and a great grandmother who is only 85! I'm nearly 30 and my GG is still alive and in her right mind. Crazy.
  4. Bobby will be back in Afghanistan by next week. *sigh*
  5. The avoidance game is over...or maybe.
  6. Goosby is sick, which means I'll be sick by next week. The.worst.
  7. December 16 will be here before I know it. Let the journey begin.
  8. The visitor squatter is gone. *applause*
  9. Interviews continue next week...*laughcry*
  10. Love hearing from my old callers. I'm so proud of (some) them. lol...
  11. I think it's safe to say that I'm finally over HCR. Good feeling.
  12. I would pay top dollar to see Mint Condition in concert. I mean, TOP dollar.
  13. Saw Precious and New Moon. Precious=A, but brace yourself. New Moon=C, at best.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"You do what?...."

Saying my job title in a group is always interesting. "I'm a 'Phonathon Coordinator'," I'll say. Puzzled looks and furrowed brows appear of the face of the hearers. Most times, I have to explain it in such a brief way that it fails to encompass all that I do. Simply stated, I manage student telemarketers or as some like to call them "telefundraisers." That's right, I manage a group of students who work in a field that about 99% of the U.S. population would probably agree that they hate. We call and ask people to give my alma mater money.

When asked how I got into my line of work, I always say "No one says, 'I want to be a Phonathon Coordinator' when I grow up." I earned a degree in Broadcasting in 2004. During my time as a student, I became involved in several areas on campus including housing, advisement, admissions and student media. My experience on several student staffs sparked an interest in managing student staffs and assisting in the development of a variety of leadership skills ranging from peer management to communication skills.

Shortly after graduation, my uncle asked me to describe me "dream job." My answer was simple. "I can work anywhere and I really don't mind what I do, but I want to BE IN CHARGE." I realized freelancing would not provide the financial support necessary to sustain a living and pay off college loans, so I continued to apply for jobs in higher education--all student services related.

In mid 2005, I found a job on the HR site at my alma mater for a "Phonathon Coordinator." I had no idea what a "phonathon" and was and I was completely unfamiliar with the Phonathon program there or anywhere else. The only required experience I possessed was student staff management. I applied, interviewed, and nearly 4 years later, here I am. What I've found is a thriving industry and thousands of dedicated professionals. No one says "I want to be a 'Phonathon Coordinator' when I grow up," but those who become coordinators quickly learn they've stumbled upon a career with tons of opportunities and intangible rewards.

The relationships I've built with my callers and the progress I've seen them make as fund-raisers, leaders and ambassadors for the University's mission have been amazing. Reaching goal is always a priority that I drive home with my staff but nothing beats the remarkably satisfying feeling of knowing I've impacted the college experience of individual students. To me, this is worth more than dollar goal I will ever reach.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mo' Stuff

  1. Visited little brother and his wife this past weekend. He's home on R&R from Afghanistan.
  2. Totally in love with the Fashion Bananas blog.
  3. I need this dress.
  4. Speaking of fashion and dresses, went shopping in my aunt's closet this weekend. She has TONS of clothes and at least 100 pairs of shoes. Walked away with a new pair of black patent leather pumps, 4 pairs of slacks, 2 new dresses, 2 vests, a jean jacket, a jean suit (kinda iffy on this but it's cute) and at least 20-30 tops. She saved me at least $400-$500. Love you auntie!
  5. Haven't been home since Friday morning. Can't wait to see my dogs, sleep in my bed and cuddle up with my husband.
  6. Gearing up for Spring interviews. Excited to meet and interview new kids.
  7. Found out their offering an alternative to Intro to Java Programming that is more suited for peeps like me...Praise the Lord.
  8. Wondering if my uncle will think about our nearly 5 hour talk on God, Christianity and the gospel. We've had it several times before. I pray the Lord gives him a heart of flesh.
  9. Couldn't be more unimpressed with Make Up Forever HD Foundation...No good for oily girls with problem skin...MIGHT try the Matte Foundation.
  10. Starting to understand that SAP Cerification is a golden ticket. I've gotta have it.

    Sunday, November 1, 2009


    1. Getting "advised" on November 4!
    2. Attended an atheism vs. Christianity debate on Thursday and ended up staying out there for like 5 hours reasoning with the "Areopagites"
    3. Coming to terms with closing chapters in my life story...(more to come on this one too)
    4. Joining 180 Fitness. Took three BodyFlow classes and I'm inspired.
    5. Bought a pair of running shoes...that I actually plan on using.
    6. Seriously missing my loose hair. Chopped locs coming in 2010? Probably.
    7. Contemplating moving out of current house.
    8. Purchased a supercool vaccuum cleaner.
    9. Went to a couple's retreat at New Ebenezer. Loved it.
    10. Been getting spanked in Phase 10 for about a week now. About 8 games to 1. Horrible.
    11. Still thinking about the "God's Love Challenged and Defended" sermon preached back in September.
    12. Pondering the doctrines of vocation and motherhood.
    13. Starting to understand why Ms. Diane isn't finishing her study books as quickly as everyone else in the GED class.
    14. Remembering the joy of salvation and sharing God's truth.
    15. Haven't listened to any CR in over 2 months.
    16. Growing ever appreciative of the grace God has shown in placing me at Trinity.