Sunday, November 1, 2009


  1. Getting "advised" on November 4!
  2. Attended an atheism vs. Christianity debate on Thursday and ended up staying out there for like 5 hours reasoning with the "Areopagites"
  3. Coming to terms with closing chapters in my life story...(more to come on this one too)
  4. Joining 180 Fitness. Took three BodyFlow classes and I'm inspired.
  5. Bought a pair of running shoes...that I actually plan on using.
  6. Seriously missing my loose hair. Chopped locs coming in 2010? Probably.
  7. Contemplating moving out of current house.
  8. Purchased a supercool vaccuum cleaner.
  9. Went to a couple's retreat at New Ebenezer. Loved it.
  10. Been getting spanked in Phase 10 for about a week now. About 8 games to 1. Horrible.
  11. Still thinking about the "God's Love Challenged and Defended" sermon preached back in September.
  12. Pondering the doctrines of vocation and motherhood.
  13. Starting to understand why Ms. Diane isn't finishing her study books as quickly as everyone else in the GED class.
  14. Remembering the joy of salvation and sharing God's truth.
  15. Haven't listened to any CR in over 2 months.
  16. Growing ever appreciative of the grace God has shown in placing me at Trinity.

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