Friday, August 27, 2010

I know...

Blogging is difficult when tackling a touchy subject. I've come here several times within the past few weeks intent on pouring my thoughts out on particular subjects only to close the browser after a few typed sentences.

Here we go again. Perhaps this will make it to the front page.

I'm growing increasingly impatient with "no it alls." Impatient is the opposite of what I should be, but alas,  more grace Lord. Admittedly, I'm burnt right now. Jaded. Disappointed. There are certain things you expect in "the world" that you don't expect among the brethren. I don't expect perfection (how could I?), but I do expect things to be handled biblically. I'm actually disgusted by the disregard and neglect in the guess it is what it is. Loyalties run deep among the clique...and the band played on...whatever.

Moving on...

Shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Amazing. I haven't produced a video in years and I was in heaven. I swear it's what I was made to do...Maybe I'll get to do it full time one day.

Goos started the job at his new school yesterday. He chattered away about the day's events and showed me all his laminated posters he plans on hanging on the walls of his classroom. I haven't seem him this excited about work in over a year. I'm glad he's in a place where his enthusiasm, love for students and love for English will be appreciated. I swear his eyes were twinkling as he spoke. And he has beautiful eyes, by the way---all big and brown, with those long lashes. It's like he got his mojo back...greatness. He's happy. I'm happy.

Class reunion is in October. Have I really been out of high school for 10 years? Hard to believe. I refuse to play "one up" with anyone. I refuse to play the "what are you doing now?" game. I plan to get on the dinner boat on Saturday, ast some overcooked chicken, drink a couple of glasses of Pino and do the Cupid Shuffle until my feet hurt. No one...and I do mean, NO ONE, is going to make me feel like some kid sitting at the "uncool" table at lunch. I say shame on anyone who is avoiding participating for that reason. "Double Rainbow" guy is killing me. I laugh everytime I see it. On the otherhand, I think it's awesome that he's so excited about something most regard as so simple. We're overbooked and under stimulated, caught up in the day to day stuff that frankly, won't mean much of anything in 100 years or sometimes 100 seconds. Maranatha.

Working out is my new thing. Walking and weight lifting are totally cool. Thanks BWDW! It's more about getting fit than losing weight now. I still want to slim down, but I also want to be healthy.