Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Ramble, 3/31/10

  1. Starting tomorrow no FB, Youtube, message boards, etc. This is going to be difficult for an internet junky like me but it's totally necessary and part of my 101 things. I'll blog but I'm trying to cut down on other timewasters.
  2. Speaking of tomorrow. I'm also trying no fried foods again. Failed in February....and in March...I'm also re-doing the water only.
  3. Break coming! Going to Jacksonville this weekend and furloughing on Friday. Mint Condition and all those other folks. Woop!
  4. Why am I in love with the Wheel of Time series?
  5. Half truths are whole lies.
  6. I think I've been listening to Fighting For the Faith too much.
  7. Speaking of listening to something too much. I've been listening to this song too much. Long story.
  8. So what about them Hawks?! haha.
  9. Someone standing against harrassment from particular Greek letter organizations by donning a shirt? Wow...
  10. Mo' grace, Lawd...I need MO' grace.
  11. Praying for all my brothers and sisters in the faith. Hope you're praying for me too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So, why does this aggravate me so much?

So I'm doing the regular the other day...minding my business and thangs (yes, "thangs")...all of a sudden I hear a *pop* You've probably heard it before. It's the sound the Facebook chat makes when someone sends you a message. I go to my Facebook tab (I *heart* tabbed browsers) to see an interesting surprise. Someone I haven't spoken to who hasn't spoken to me in several months has initiated a conversation. I mean, we literally haven't had a real conversation since before I was married in 2008. All interaction since then has been her telling me about her husband's business. There was that one time that her monologue about the business turned into a book well...anyway...went like this.
Her: How are things down in Statesboro?
Me: *puzzled expression* You don't have the time. How have you been?
Her: Girl, you don't have the time! LOL

She begins to tell me about all these new developments in her life. I won't get too specific but these are really cool things. She's really talented and she's made for the industries she trying to get involved with. Her little fingers were working overtime to explain it all.

Her: So, what's going on with you? (yes...she asked again)
Me: Working and worrying...same old, same old
Her: Worrying?! Worrying about what, Glo?
Me: Our next move, the future, etc...
(Indefinite Pause)

I would like to say that this woman offered some encouragement or expressed some level of concern at all. Nope. Not a "who cares..." or "what's happening?" or anything...Conversation ended there. She never replied back. What's my point? I can't stand this, is my point. Everyone knows a "bragger" who loses interest in the "conversation" when it actually turns into a...well...conversation. Why do I HATE this so much?

I mean, I don't mind a person being thoroughly excited about new things in their lives. I don't mind a person sharing those new things with me. I DO mind a person pretending to care about what's going on with me for the sole purpose of being able to tell me what's going on with them. Just to reiterate...I'm not saying I don't like to listen to people...I love to listen to people...especially people with good news...just don't bait me. I guess I should give her credit for asking me about my life twice don't want to. LOL.

I've heard it said several times that the things you can't stand about people are probably the traits you possess...kinda like, you think HE'S arrogant, then you're probably MORE arrogant. You think she's vain...yeah, well maybe you hate it in her because you're so vain you think all the attention should be on you.

Maybe that's what's happening in this situation. Honestly, I probably am like this. Maybe that's why I've always loved blogging and journaling...way before the word "blog" was even coined. No interruptions. Get all my thoughts out...When I get finished I get to hit "publish post" or put my pen down and walk away...Maybe a part of me is even a bit jealous that she's doing all these exciting things in an industry that I have a degree in. Maybe not. The heart is deceitful.

We all need more grace, right? Just dumping my brain and figuring thing out.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blah blah blah on a Tuesday night

  1. Reading The Pilgrim's Progress and The Modern Tongues Movement.
  2. Sweetheart Circle + a quilt + warm spring afternoon + glass of moscato + good company, would be time well spent.
  3. Mint Condition concert is going down the weekend after next. How on EARTH did I miss the fact that it's Easter weekend. GRRrrrrr.
  4. "You are not Pinocchio, you cannot be a real boy". Dopest poem from P4CM so far...Sin is sin and Christ died for all of it. That's good news.
  5. Jehovah-Yireh, right?
  6. Next thing on the "101 Things" list is bye bye to Facebook and other internet hotspots. Begins April 1.
  7. I think she's got it...
  8. Read this walking about out of Warren's class the other day: "People might not always believe what you say but, they will always believe what you do." WOOP!
  9. Heard a good sermon on the role of structure in the life of the Christian. I'll post it when it gets posted (if I remember)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday ramble

  1. Got two texts from two my most favorite liberals about the health care hullabaloo. Oh joy!
  2. Thankful to have shepherds who actually shepherd.
  3. Friday furlough day was peaceful.
  4. My uncle is texting now. Crazy.
  5. Understanding more and more why I wasn't blessed with showy gifts.
  6. Aside from God, Warren and my dogs, Pandora understands me best. haha.
  7. Feeling like I should get back on my P90X workout...then I think about how hard it is and change my mind.
  8. Finished The Help. Read it!
  9. Spoke with a Sisterlocker in WalMart on Friday. People pay anywhere from $400-$800 to start this hairstyle. Maybe I should finally get into this game.

So you're against the "health care" bill?---be consistent (mini rant)

Warning--this will be incoherent and has been typed for the sole purpose of ranting.

A little background:
I'm one of the millions of citizens who actually PAYS taxes every tax season. I have been since I got my first salaried position. All of a sudden, I was getting taxed...and taxed hard! I was literally in shock when I saw my first paycheck. So shocked that I cried real tears. It hasn't gotten any better over the years and I don't think it will in the current system. So yeah, the IRS--I don't like 'em. I don't think ANYONE should have to pay income taxes. That's right, I'm a Fair Tax girl. *straightens up tin foil hat*

Anyway, this means that while several members of my friends and family are doing happy dances and planning how their going to spend their "refund" check (silly if you ask me), I'm writing checks to the state and federal govt. because I didn't "pay enough" of my paycheck during the regular year.

To the point of this blog:
I agree that the federal govt. shouldn't get involved in the health insurance business for many reasons. One of the major criticisms I hear from "my side" is the idea that people should pay for their own expenses and life decisions. I agree with them that healthcare is an expense. I think charity and other assistance should come from the local church. I also think people should be able to provide charity voluntarily. Is coerced help, really charity? (answer=no)

So then, if people should pay for their own expenses and life decisions, I challenge my fellow anti-healthcare bill folks to be consistent. We are inconsistent in so many ways. How are your children going to college? Hope it's not with a federal direct loan. *Hint* Put that FAFSA form down. Buying a house? It's a buyer's market! Hope you're not going to use an FHA loan. Work for the state? That means your employer AKA the state of (fill in state) is paying part of your I'm in that category along with almost everyone I know.

Here's one that will apply to a good number of people. Probably the most relevant. April 15th is less than a month away. Hope you're not going to take advantage of the child tax credit program this year. You know what I'm talking about. It's the little goodie from the govt. that decreases your tax liability by $1,000 for each qualifying child (might be a limit on number of children, think it's 3 or 4).

Here's the thing--that money ain't "free." SOMEONE had to pay more money so you could write them off. That someone is my husband and I, along with every other taxpaying American citizen. I don't have any kids, guys. I don't think I should have to pay out money so that Uncle Sam can give it to you in the form of child tax credit. What's this thing about "redistribution of wealth" I keep hearing?

So yeah, if you already got it, give it back or pay the difference. If you didn't get it yet, don't get it and if you get it just for putting your kids on as dependents, pay what you owe anyway.

What's my point? We're inconsistent is my point. Me too! If I was consistent I'd work in the private sector. The govt. (aka taxpayers and countries we borrow money from) are paying for many things. We're never going to agree on everything. This isn't to say that we should just allow Congress to go crazy, but it is to say that we could "ease the burden" by being more consistent. I don't think any of us really want to put our money where our mouth is on this. I'll really just be glad when  decision is made one way or another...

End rant.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Early morning ramble

  1. Even the most devout and introspective looking Christians can have major dirt that they are unwilling to deal with. Peep Stephen the Levite on this topic. "Can't hide in the darkness/God sees all actions and intents of the heart..."
  2. Speaking of STL, wish we could get another full length project outta this guy. 
  3. Why did we totally get caught out there today with Day Light Savings time? Why didn't someone tell me?
  4. Interesting discussion in the Counterfeit Gods class today. Topic-Salvation through politics. Going to do a post on this. Gotta say though, I know there are plenty of my brothers and sisters who are putting a bit too much stock in the political system. Christ is King.
  5. Been really thinking about missions lately. I think foreign missions are very important and I don't want to take anything away from people who leave their homes to serve Christ in other countries. I'm just saying though, why go feed people in another country when there are people across town who need the same help? Don't fly halfway across the globe to do something for someone "in the name of Christ" that you haven't even taken the time to do for your immediate neighbor. Shouts to all the indigenous AMERICAN (USA) missionaries.
  6. Speaking of doing missions in your own town, been thinking of the ministry of the childless couple. The books I own on biblical womanhood and marriage only speak to the role of women in marriage as a mother and wife. What of the marriages in which the woman has not yet conceived or (sadly) cannot conceive. What about those with adult children (empty nesters)? Additionally, how can a couple who have not "gotten pregnant" yet, "redeem their time"? What ways can we serve our church and community at large before the baby making begins??? 
  7. Rented Falling Down and The Hangover. First one is old school. Interesting plot line. Second one, should have followed my first mind and the advice of Plugged In Online. FILTHY...and I fell asleep...soooo, yeah.
  8. Shutter Island is an A-. Cool twist. Too bad Warren pegged the twist before we got to the theater. Mr. Perceptive.
  9. Finally have The Help. Woop woop!
  10. Upcoming posts (if I can flesh out my thoughts)-Christian education, salvation through politics, friendship/fellowship, ministry of the "childless" couple...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little ramble...

  1. Warren's team lost the championship tonight to his OLD team. Grrrrr.
  2. Was totally bummed out before shift today and my callers made me laugh and feel 100 times better. Gotta love 'em.
  3. Green isn't my color.
  4. Good advice.
  5. Discussion about biblical womanhood going on here.
  6. On the same note, someone made a VERY interesting comment about who the Proverbs 31 woman "actually" is. I've never seen anyone allegorize her, but it's an interesting commentary. I wary of allegorizing scripture and I don't know the author sooooo, yeah, just sharing.
  7. No longer going to the wedding this weekend. Was really looking forward to seeing a beautiful couple make vows to one another and the
  8. I need a sabattical. Okay...maybe I just want one.
  9. I have a new blog I'm following...Yay.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Round Up

Rounding up stuff that caught my attention.

Negative talk about your man could backfire...
Snitches get riches?
Another reason to "Eat Mor Chikin." YUM!
The reason I'm afraid to dye my locs.
Should a young woman go to college?
Hazing at UGA...
Students protest at the Capitol over USG budget cuts.
Mo'Nique says she's cool with infidelity...*mmmm kay*

It's totally fake, but it's still funny.

Monday, March 1, 2010

3/1/2010 Half and Half

  1. Hubby and I have been pondering the definition of "Christian education." Is a Bible class and daily chapel sufficient or does the label of "Christian education" require subjects be taught from a Christ centered perspective or biblical lens. We're thinking it's the second one.
  2. Finished 100 Years of Solitude. It began strong and finished semi strong, with a weird middle. I give it a C. Could be worth the read, but only if you have nothing else to do...on to The Help.
  3. Have to begin "no fried foods" again. *crosses fingers*
  4. I'm SOOOOO bored with my hair right now. I'm going to surf youtube for loc tutorial vids before I shave my hair off...
  5. I won something from Lucky Magazine's Lucky Breaks! Unbelievable.
  6. Warren is possibly the most patient man I've ever encountered. First sign of this patience---He married me!

My Sunday school class is covering Counterfeit Gods right now. Let me just say that I love this book and how Tim Keller challenging readers to examine in themselves in this area. The most recent topic/"counterfeit god" we discussed was "success." I won't get too indepth, but the elder who is teaching the class gave us a couple viewpoints/attitudes to think about when examining if we have made "success" our god. This one (and the last one, "ambition") really hit home for me.

There have been times that I had to catch myself for allowing work to give me a sense of security that only Christ should give me. I remember explaining to someone about a year ago that I was making an effort to not allow missing goal to effect my attitude. I've found myself being on cloud nine when we're doing well, and on the other hand dealing with extreme frustration (and even with deep anxiety during my first year) when things weren't so great. In short, I struggle with this...pray for my strength and security in the Lord.

On a somewhat related note. During discussion on the topic of "success," a woman said her husband told her something like this:
People who are great don't seek out greatness. They have it thrust upon them. The truth is, many of us are ordinary. We're going to have ordinary lives. We're not going to be "great." Don't worry about great. Forget great. Just be faithful.
The "forget great..." thing is so different from what most of us are taught about life. It's so contrary to societal standards that I was torn between cheering and frowning when I heard it. Gotta say, I think it's the wisest thing anyone can learn. Be content with the lot the Lord has provided, whatever that lot might be. Forget great....Be faithful. Faithfulness may or may not lead to greatness or "success" by the world's definition, but one thing it will do is cause us to cling to Christ for our identity and strength...

"One life to live/ it will soon be past/only what's done for Christ will last..."