Monday, November 16, 2009

Mo' Stuff

  1. Visited little brother and his wife this past weekend. He's home on R&R from Afghanistan.
  2. Totally in love with the Fashion Bananas blog.
  3. I need this dress.
  4. Speaking of fashion and dresses, went shopping in my aunt's closet this weekend. She has TONS of clothes and at least 100 pairs of shoes. Walked away with a new pair of black patent leather pumps, 4 pairs of slacks, 2 new dresses, 2 vests, a jean jacket, a jean suit (kinda iffy on this but it's cute) and at least 20-30 tops. She saved me at least $400-$500. Love you auntie!
  5. Haven't been home since Friday morning. Can't wait to see my dogs, sleep in my bed and cuddle up with my husband.
  6. Gearing up for Spring interviews. Excited to meet and interview new kids.
  7. Found out their offering an alternative to Intro to Java Programming that is more suited for peeps like me...Praise the Lord.
  8. Wondering if my uncle will think about our nearly 5 hour talk on God, Christianity and the gospel. We've had it several times before. I pray the Lord gives him a heart of flesh.
  9. Couldn't be more unimpressed with Make Up Forever HD Foundation...No good for oily girls with problem skin...MIGHT try the Matte Foundation.
  10. Starting to understand that SAP Cerification is a golden ticket. I've gotta have it.

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