Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear College Town....I hate you so much right now.

I completely forgot the hell that is trying to find suitable living arrangements in a college town---until today.

Property Management Company A
  •  Requires a $50.00 application fee PER PERSON, despite the fact that I'm married for a "credit check." Warren and I are paying from the SAME checking account. We are MARRIEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!! Duh.
  • $50.00 application fee is non refundable, so they could charge me $50.00, rent all three apartments and keep my $50.00---wait, make that $100.00 since Warren is apparently considered my roommate.
  • We can't even apply until Friday because Warren is out of town at a conference. Apparently the fact that we're MARRIED and not roommates is irrelavant to them. We both have to fill out their little application.
Property Management Company B
  • Has not credit check, but requires a "Parental Guarantor" form.
  • Desk attendant couldn't seem to figure out, despite me telling her, that two VERY GROWN, married people are not going to put mommy's financial information on a sheet of paper. Especially not a $450.00 apartment.
So you can rent an apartment and be treated like a child OR you can rent a house and get screwed every month because you KNOW you're being overcharged because everything is priced as if 3-4 unrelated people are living their (i.e., your typical college student living arrangement). OR OR can try to BUY something and realize the fact that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING is overpriced. Why the crap do you think your 1,125 sq. ft. home, built in 1974 with floral wall paper, dark wood walls, original carpet and low ceilings is worth $120,000. Kill yourself. Immediately. Only HERE in this good old college town would you have the balls to utter $120,000 as a listing price for that house.

Why is it that property managers can't seem to fathom the idea that there are people who live here who AREN'T college students? Who do they think teaches the courses? Cleans the buildings? Handles administrative issues/duties? People man. Adults. Not college students. The ones who stay and will more than likely make a home here, you screw them. Why is this? ARGHHHHHH!

Vent over.

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