Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is my story, this is my song...

  1. I think we found a place to live! Yasssss! #bouttime
  2. I'm working on something...getting back into writing. Had me reminiscing on my days in high school and my love affair with music. Ahhh...what happened to the good stuff? #iusedtoloveher
  3. I remembered how dope Aquemini album was...they don't do it like that anymore...I don't even need to hear any new albums to know they don't. It's impossible. #amiallowedtosaythis
  4. Okay...while I'm typing about them--EVERY album they released was ridiculous. #classic
  5. I'm infatuated with hash marks and I don't even have a twitter account. #someonehelpme
  6. I need about $5,000 for various reasons. Let me borrow a dollar...#please
  7. Fresh faced came back! I'll have to blog on that later. Crazy right?
  8. Listened to an OLD sermon on Isa. 55 today. Never gets old. Without money, without price.
  9. So Warren is thinking of getting a tattoo on his 30th birthday.
  10. Having a party this weekend in NC to celebrate Bobby's return from Afghanistan! I"m so excited to see my babes!
  11. *poof*

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