Monday, August 15, 2016

3 of 30: 1.6 years.

I'm on a Facebook hiatus. Three days in. I didn't make a grand announcement because I don't like it when other people make grand announcements about leaving (or my favorite, deleting Facebook friends). I hide those people from my news feed.

One desired side effect of the hiatus is a chance to allow my mind to heal. This break is necessary because the constant bombardment of opinions on current events clutters my mind. I have the natural inclination to compare myself to others, so if I'm not careful, seeing the highlights from the lives of others leaves me cold. I recognize this in myself and by His grace I'm better than I was. Still not immune.

I also want to redeem the time I lose by scrolling endlessly for hours on end. I feel compelled to participate in online discussions and I can do it all day. A break makes room for productive pursuits. This isn't to say I'll actually use my time more wisely, but one less distraction puts me on the right path.

I calculated how much time I have spent just scrolling on Facebook over the last decade. Four hours on average is an understatement, I'm sure. But here's the math.

4 hours x 31 days  = 124 hours per month
124 hours per month times x 120 months = 14,880 hours
14,880 hours / 24 hours = 620 days
1.6 years.

What a waste of time! Now what if I spent that same time developing myself. Working towards a degree? Putting work into a business? Learning a new language? Smh...yeah. This hiatus is more than necessary. Time to refocus. 

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