Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Ramble, 3/31/10

  1. Starting tomorrow no FB, Youtube, message boards, etc. This is going to be difficult for an internet junky like me but it's totally necessary and part of my 101 things. I'll blog but I'm trying to cut down on other timewasters.
  2. Speaking of tomorrow. I'm also trying no fried foods again. Failed in February....and in March...I'm also re-doing the water only.
  3. Break coming! Going to Jacksonville this weekend and furloughing on Friday. Mint Condition and all those other folks. Woop!
  4. Why am I in love with the Wheel of Time series?
  5. Half truths are whole lies.
  6. I think I've been listening to Fighting For the Faith too much.
  7. Speaking of listening to something too much. I've been listening to this song too much. Long story.
  8. So what about them Hawks?! haha.
  9. Someone standing against harrassment from particular Greek letter organizations by donning a shirt? Wow...
  10. Mo' grace, Lawd...I need MO' grace.
  11. Praying for all my brothers and sisters in the faith. Hope you're praying for me too.


  1. #1 Does that mean none of those things at ANYMORE?! Or just for a long period of time.

    #2 I failed the no soda thing too. It's really hard.

    #3 Lucky you!! No breaks for me. :-(

    #5 .....

    #7 I like that song! I'm loving the scenery in that video that takes place right in my hometown too, LOL!

    #9 smh...

    #10 too...tons of it.

    #11 Thanks, I'll be too!

  2. #1 Just for April...not forever. I definitely couldn't do forever.

    On #2...jump in girl. Try it again. We can encourage each other if you want. I think you can make it through the month.

    #7 I don't like everything he talks about but I've always been a fan of rap...that little kid can flow. He's only 17....and that song is FIE! (yes..."FIE," f-i-e.) HAHA.

    #9 Girl...I'm actually on his side. It's a long story but members of BGLOs were physically threatening dude and he couldn't get help from the administration. I told Warren about it (pledged Sigma) and we both agree that buddy is definitely a G...This is happening at my campus by the way...DRAMA.

    #11 much appreciated :-)

  3. Yea, I do need the encouragement. (soda) LOL! I love Pepsi too much.