Thursday, March 25, 2010

So, why does this aggravate me so much?

So I'm doing the regular the other day...minding my business and thangs (yes, "thangs")...all of a sudden I hear a *pop* You've probably heard it before. It's the sound the Facebook chat makes when someone sends you a message. I go to my Facebook tab (I *heart* tabbed browsers) to see an interesting surprise. Someone I haven't spoken to who hasn't spoken to me in several months has initiated a conversation. I mean, we literally haven't had a real conversation since before I was married in 2008. All interaction since then has been her telling me about her husband's business. There was that one time that her monologue about the business turned into a book well...anyway...went like this.
Her: How are things down in Statesboro?
Me: *puzzled expression* You don't have the time. How have you been?
Her: Girl, you don't have the time! LOL

She begins to tell me about all these new developments in her life. I won't get too specific but these are really cool things. She's really talented and she's made for the industries she trying to get involved with. Her little fingers were working overtime to explain it all.

Her: So, what's going on with you? (yes...she asked again)
Me: Working and worrying...same old, same old
Her: Worrying?! Worrying about what, Glo?
Me: Our next move, the future, etc...
(Indefinite Pause)

I would like to say that this woman offered some encouragement or expressed some level of concern at all. Nope. Not a "who cares..." or "what's happening?" or anything...Conversation ended there. She never replied back. What's my point? I can't stand this, is my point. Everyone knows a "bragger" who loses interest in the "conversation" when it actually turns into a...well...conversation. Why do I HATE this so much?

I mean, I don't mind a person being thoroughly excited about new things in their lives. I don't mind a person sharing those new things with me. I DO mind a person pretending to care about what's going on with me for the sole purpose of being able to tell me what's going on with them. Just to reiterate...I'm not saying I don't like to listen to people...I love to listen to people...especially people with good news...just don't bait me. I guess I should give her credit for asking me about my life twice don't want to. LOL.

I've heard it said several times that the things you can't stand about people are probably the traits you possess...kinda like, you think HE'S arrogant, then you're probably MORE arrogant. You think she's vain...yeah, well maybe you hate it in her because you're so vain you think all the attention should be on you.

Maybe that's what's happening in this situation. Honestly, I probably am like this. Maybe that's why I've always loved blogging and journaling...way before the word "blog" was even coined. No interruptions. Get all my thoughts out...When I get finished I get to hit "publish post" or put my pen down and walk away...Maybe a part of me is even a bit jealous that she's doing all these exciting things in an industry that I have a degree in. Maybe not. The heart is deceitful.

We all need more grace, right? Just dumping my brain and figuring thing out.



  1. Whoa...yes.

    I notice that the strongest traits I hate in people...I posess most of them. It's so easy to call out other people's stuff and not look at your own garbage.

  2. I will try and not do the same, I get alot of that concern esp after graduation..I don't like it but like Erin says I hope not to do the same.