Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday ramble

  1. Got two texts from two my most favorite liberals about the health care hullabaloo. Oh joy!
  2. Thankful to have shepherds who actually shepherd.
  3. Friday furlough day was peaceful.
  4. My uncle is texting now. Crazy.
  5. Understanding more and more why I wasn't blessed with showy gifts.
  6. Aside from God, Warren and my dogs, Pandora understands me best. haha.
  7. Feeling like I should get back on my P90X workout...then I think about how hard it is and change my mind.
  8. Finished The Help. Read it!
  9. Spoke with a Sisterlocker in WalMart on Friday. People pay anywhere from $400-$800 to start this hairstyle. Maybe I should finally get into this game.

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