Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blah blah blah on a Tuesday night

  1. Reading The Pilgrim's Progress and The Modern Tongues Movement.
  2. Sweetheart Circle + a quilt + warm spring afternoon + glass of moscato + good company, would be time well spent.
  3. Mint Condition concert is going down the weekend after next. How on EARTH did I miss the fact that it's Easter weekend. GRRrrrrr.
  4. "You are not Pinocchio, you cannot be a real boy". Dopest poem from P4CM so far...Sin is sin and Christ died for all of it. That's good news.
  5. Jehovah-Yireh, right?
  6. Next thing on the "101 Things" list is bye bye to Facebook and other internet hotspots. Begins April 1.
  7. I think she's got it...
  8. Read this walking about out of Warren's class the other day: "People might not always believe what you say but, they will always believe what you do." WOOP!
  9. Heard a good sermon on the role of structure in the life of the Christian. I'll post it when it gets posted (if I remember)

1 comment:

  1. 1. I got so many books that I DIDN'T read...I need to read those first, LOL.

    2. Would like to do the same but by myself.

    3. You are so fortunate to see Mint Condition. I need to check their tour dates, so that I can go to a show.

    4. That poem was powerful! Wow! I posted it on Facebook, LOL.

    7. A daily process...

    8. Ain't that the truth....hmph!