Monday, March 15, 2010

Early morning ramble

  1. Even the most devout and introspective looking Christians can have major dirt that they are unwilling to deal with. Peep Stephen the Levite on this topic. "Can't hide in the darkness/God sees all actions and intents of the heart..."
  2. Speaking of STL, wish we could get another full length project outta this guy. 
  3. Why did we totally get caught out there today with Day Light Savings time? Why didn't someone tell me?
  4. Interesting discussion in the Counterfeit Gods class today. Topic-Salvation through politics. Going to do a post on this. Gotta say though, I know there are plenty of my brothers and sisters who are putting a bit too much stock in the political system. Christ is King.
  5. Been really thinking about missions lately. I think foreign missions are very important and I don't want to take anything away from people who leave their homes to serve Christ in other countries. I'm just saying though, why go feed people in another country when there are people across town who need the same help? Don't fly halfway across the globe to do something for someone "in the name of Christ" that you haven't even taken the time to do for your immediate neighbor. Shouts to all the indigenous AMERICAN (USA) missionaries.
  6. Speaking of doing missions in your own town, been thinking of the ministry of the childless couple. The books I own on biblical womanhood and marriage only speak to the role of women in marriage as a mother and wife. What of the marriages in which the woman has not yet conceived or (sadly) cannot conceive. What about those with adult children (empty nesters)? Additionally, how can a couple who have not "gotten pregnant" yet, "redeem their time"? What ways can we serve our church and community at large before the baby making begins??? 
  7. Rented Falling Down and The Hangover. First one is old school. Interesting plot line. Second one, should have followed my first mind and the advice of Plugged In Online. FILTHY...and I fell asleep...soooo, yeah.
  8. Shutter Island is an A-. Cool twist. Too bad Warren pegged the twist before we got to the theater. Mr. Perceptive.
  9. Finally have The Help. Woop woop!
  10. Upcoming posts (if I can flesh out my thoughts)-Christian education, salvation through politics, friendship/fellowship, ministry of the "childless" couple...


  1. Okay...I ALWAYS felt the way you did in regards to point number 5. We have folks who need help...deep help, right here in this country. Shoot, on our our block.

    Thanks for the heads up on those two movies. I love Plugged Online's reviews.

    I would like to see Shutter Island. I was like "Heck, no" when I saw the commercial...but hearing folks talk about it makes me wanna check it out. I think I'll see it with my lil brotha.

    I have some ideas for my upcoming posts too. One regarding the infamous Ex-shirts. A lil reluctant to do it, but I think I should...especially seeing that there are people out there (Christians) who are not really feelin' those shirts.

  2. Shutter Island is worth it though. Not scary, more suspenseful.

    I understand the reluctance on posting about the Ex's such a popular trend, esp. in the CHH community.