Monday, April 5, 2010

Caffeine is a drug plus digression

I'm supposed to be doing "water only" again this month and have already fallen off the wagon. I had at least 3 Cokes and a grande caramel frappe on from Friday to Saturday. I arrived at work and the coffee in the kitchen was calling my name but I overcame the urge. My head has been hurting since noon. I finally typed "caffeine" in Google search and little helper thingy gave me several entries for caffeine, including "caffeine withdrawal". I click on it and read the short article and comments. Can you figure out the major symptom? Crazy headaches....*sigh*. I didn't realize my headaches from the first "water only" go round in January were due to withdrawal symptoms. I can't believe my body literally NEEDS a Coke.  

  1. This weekend was dope. Fun hanging out with mom and Shantel. Saw the Ohio Players, Mint Condition, Cameo and Charlie Wilson. I'm now sold on live bands...and Stokely Williams is a beast.  "See Mint Condition in concert." CHECK!
  2. Live it. Love it. J.Nicole.
  3. I've decided against blogging on the P4CM shirts. Content with being united in the essentials.
  4. Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door on Friday. I was excited they finally visited (Kingdom Hall is 5 minutes from my house). The discussion began fine but then one of the women got upset with me and decided to end the visit. I was really surprised because I can honestly say that I was VERY respectful (NICE even). *sad*
  5. It's so funny to see people go through the "cage stage," especially folks who weren't buying it in the past.
  6. Doing well staying away from the message boards.
  7. Spent all day at the Gray's yesterday. Home away from home.
  8. Lions and Liars=dope. Favorites so far are Me, Myself and IRevolutionary Died and Oh Well. His first album was about 2-2.5 stars out of 5. I'd give this one a 4. The We Can Be More song and video have major crossover appeal.
  9. Finally going to start Strange Fruit this week. Borrowed it from the library in December.
  10. Do not spend your money on a ticket for Clash of the Titans. Supreme let down. We went to the midnight viewing on Thursday/Friday. BOOOOOO!
  11. Speaking of movies, finally watched Stomp the Yard last night. No comment.
  12. We're still talking about moview, right? Repo Men was...hmmm....worth RENTING. See it during matinee hours if you have to see it in theaters. Cool twist, but there was no chemistry between Forrest Whitaker and Jude Law. Forrest tried but I wasn't convinced.
  13. Go Butler! Boooo Duke!
Before going into the concert venue. This is a picture of a picture....haha


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  1. #1 Glad you had a great time! I've ALWAYS been sold on live bands. Maybe that's why music sucks to me right now, LOL.

    #2 I need to check out J. Nicole

    #3 Girl, I'm still on the fence with doing that myself...

    #4 Eh. Jehovah's Witnesses. They used to come to my door, but stopped after my father debated with them, LOL.

    #6 I've done that long time ago. It started with Nappturality and then I just lost my desire. It might actually turn into a permanent thing for you. It's like that for me.

    #8 I hear SO much about this album on Twitter. Especially seeing Sho talk about it a lot. I guess it's worth checking out now that I hear such good things about it.

    #10 Well at least you didn't spend SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS like I did...I did like the 3D effects though, LOL. But I will say I was disappointed in the ending as well.

    #11 LOL...Well there was one part that I liked. I won't mention it...