Friday, April 16, 2010

We're all "homos"--- "homosapiens..."

  1. Note: Living in the same home with and providing financial support for your children is not the same thing as "being there for them." Occupying the same space/home while checking out mentally doesn't count.
  2. I don't give brownie points. Okay...maybe sometimes.
  3. I've been staying away from and old student sent me messages so I responded...besides that. Nothing much. Why do I feel free? haha
  4. Water only thing isn't working. Just finished drinking a Coke. How did I do it the first time?
  5. Can't believe my 10 year high school reunion is around the corner. Where does the time go?
  6. Speaking of my class reunion, reconnected/reconciled with an old friend. Boy were we wreckless in high school! Ain't gonna lie though...I had fun. Don't judge me.
  7. So J. Nicole says she's coming to visit...has hell frozen over? *hehehe*
  8. Speaking of J.Nicole...*flips hair* *does step* *clears throat*
  9. Random, but this year we had Easter Dinner with the first time in my LIFE that I haven't had a huge, "special" dinner on Easter Day. Felt good and weird at the same time but I'm oh so thankful for the fellowship.
  10. "And things of this nature..." and "Be that as it may..."

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