Friday, April 30, 2010

One day I'll actually do a real blog post but right now...ramble, ramble, ramble

  1. I should be blogging about something else but I'm not.
  2. Sometime things are just so ridiculous that there's nothing to're just left speechless....
  3. What comes around, goes around.
  4. "Ask" not "axe."
  5. Very cool video talking about the effects of pH levels on hair. She's informative but also a bit snappy.
  6. Speaking of pH levels, did you know the pH of the skin is slightly acidic? Weirdly cool.
  7. Also, I found out my face soap is too alkaline/basic...whatever...
  8. Okay're making me go to SixFlags. You inform me that I have to pay for my own ticket. AND I have to drive my own car...4 hours...with other people's kids in my backseat. What part of the game is this? This is a real question. At least I love rollercoasters.
  9. Blah blah blah...blah blah blah blah...
  10. So let me tell you how the Lord is schooling Goos and I...well, actually I can't discuss it fully because we're still working through it but...Let's just say patience and humility are being worked in us and we are being put through the fire. According to the word, we'll come out as pure gold. Amen and Amen.
  11. Been looking over old sermon notes about envy, forgiveness and competition.
  12. Speaking of envy...E.Rich cut all her hair off. Yaaaaaaaaaaassssss. Sexy baby! 
  13. What's wrong with Atlanta, man? C'mon Hawks...c'mon...
  14. Tim McGraw is performing tonight at Paulson...woop woop. Not a fan but it's still pretty cool.
  15. *poof*


  1. 2. Yes. Feel ya on that one!!!

    3. Indeed

    4. Pet peeve of mine!!

    5. You are not alone in terms of the snappy assesment.

    8. LOL @ "What part of the game is this?"

    10. Hope everything is okay.

    12. *smiles* Still can't believe I did it...and pulled it off.

  2. Good to know I'm not alone on that. Sometimes when she's talking, I'm thinking "who on earth is she talking to...?""watch your tone, missy."