Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm on a search for the perfect foundation. I've only used Revlon, L'oreal, MAC and MUFE foundations for any period of time. MAC Liquid Studio Fix Foundation has been my staple for 3 years now.It's hard for an oily girl like me to find anything that covers, stays matte and doesn't oxidize after about 3 hours of wear. I've gotten used to carrying blot sheets and blot powder to keep things under control.

I know liquid foundation is my enemy. I was at MUA reading all the horrible reviews for MAC SFF and nearly lost it. *sigh*....All pretty much the same. Even great reviews included a mention about great coverage and horrible breakouts. I know I need to use a mineral foundation instead of liquid or cream to powders. I'll find something one day. Until then, still searching...

In the meantime, I purchased some Mary Kay skin care products #dontjudgeme. First thoughts: Formula 3 is kinda harsh on my sensitive skin. The cleanser irritates a bit. Also, it doesn't really "cleanse." It claims it removes make up...NOT. Even when I wash the make up off before using the cleanser....How do I know this? My toner saturated cotton balls turn from white to brown, after several swipes, AFTER washing my face. Speaking of toner, I told the consultant about my sensitive skin and she gave me toner with alcohol in it. The mask over dries my skin and makes it itchy. I think I even saw what looked like swelling and hives earlier today (yikes!!). All in I will continue to use the toner and mask once a week. I'll use the cleanser 2-3 times per week. I mean..I spent enough on it...

I have no idea why I'm blogging about this at nearly 1 a.m. I should go to bed...


  1. Girl....smh...if it weren't for my NARS foundation (expensive) I would not be wearing any right now. I have had bad experiences in terms of shade match. I wish I could find out why my skintone is so hard to match. So NARS it is for now...I ordered a mineral foundation from Valana Minerals. It has a nice shade selection with Women of Color in mind. You should check it out, if you're interested.

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm checking it out right now.

  3. Have you tried Bare'd probably be paying as much as you did for MAC I would think.

  4. Hey Kels,

    I used my aunts and it wasn't for me. Gave my face an ashy look. :-(