Monday, February 1, 2010

And anotha one....

I know I already posted today, but I need to ramble before I go home.

  1. Warren preached his first sermon exhorted the brethren on Sunday from Matthew 7:13-23. It's a real distinction according to the Book of Church Order. LOL...leave it to the PCA.
  2. My dad stopped into town on Saturday. Greatness!
  3. Saw Avatar. It was aight...yes...just aight.
  4. Officially 32 days drinking water only as this day closes out. Only 8 more to go. *pats myself on the back*
  5. Today begins "no fried foods" for a month or so...
  6. Had a really good time hanging out at the Barnes's house on Saturday night.
  7. Had a great time fellowshipping with the Bradford's, J. Porter and K. Greene on Sunday afternoon. Encouraging.
  8. Listening to What Kind of Man Would I Be as I type this...still a great song.
  9. I feel like I may pick up the pen again. Itching to hit an open mic night.
  10. Friends are hard to come by. Nuture the relationships you have...
  11. Warren finally mated Judah today. I'm so sad :-(
  12. Our electricity bill was $203. In a "fight the powers that be" moment, we turned our heat off about 3 or 4 days ago...this morning it was 49 degrees in our house. What on earth were we thinking? Hope the savings are worth it.
  13. God is sovereign.

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