Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9/2010 Ramble

  1. Last day of "water only" is today! Going to drink a Coke for breakfast. Woop Woop!
  2. The GMAT class I've been waiting to take for a month or so is canceled. Closed door or opened door?
  3. Hoping to update my portfolio in the next few months. Excited.
  4. The "no fried foods" thing is going to be more difficult than water only.
  5. Rethinking some stuff.
  6. Warren almost got scammed by some con artists pretending to be Sprint today! They called and said we owed $____ on our phone bill and that service would be discontinued in 48 hours if he didn't pay. They wanted his zip code and card number. Only problem is we JUST paid our bill IN FULL like 2 weeks ago. Do not fall for this!
  7. The loc maintenance side hustle is going well. I really like my current client. Looking to expand soon.
  8. Going to a wedding next month. So excited :-)

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