Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25/2010 Ramble

  1. I've lost a total of 7lbs since Thanksgiving. Jig!
  2. I'm on day 25 of my water only thing aka (#1). When I wake up on February 10th I'm going to have a cup of Coke chased with a strong cup of coffee.
  3. Learned a cool recipe from Peaches. It's really not a recipe actually. Just cut a squash in half, place halves in a glass dish, add a little water and bake at 350. Pull the seeds out and then take a spoon and pull out the meat. Looks just like angel hair spaghetti! I found some pics online. Go here! Can't wait to try this on my own.
  4. After a 1 day crisis, we feel comfortable with moving ahead with the home search.
  5. In 101Things news, Warren, mommy and I are going to see Mint Condition in concert on April 3! My only regret is that I'll have to listen to other acts. Ehhh well.

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