Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/12/2010 Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

  1. Can you believe I'm dropping my class and taking the GMAT prep course after all that back and forth with the advisor?
  2. He's Like a Star.
  3. Reminiscing can be fun and dangerous.
  4. Isaiah 55 is dope. Read it, read it NOW.
  5. I'm back in love with my MAC SFF. Absence made my heart grow fonder...
  6. Tried Juice Beauty. Hated it. May have worked for her but my skin wasn't impressed.
  7. An old friend called me. It had been so long since we talked that I was basically talking to a stranger. Life right?
  8. I've lost 4 pounds...ha! Take that, take that, take that...
  9. "Slowly, surely, I walk away from ....."
  10. Wal Mart is now charging 74 cents for the 1.74 oz bag of peanut M&Ms...and injustice is being done here...
  11. Why are they remaking Nightmare on Elm Street and A-Team? I mean...this is a real question.
  12. Some people are SO gifted when it comes to making music and singing that it blows me away. Could just lounge and listen to them all day.
  13. Obama may not speak with Negro dialect, but I do. I'm fluent in "yessuh" and "shawty", so yeah...
  14. I had such high hopes for Michael Steele...*sigh*
I'm so done. You'll never get that 3 minutes back.

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  1. Gotta be honest. I'm fired up about seeing BA, Face, Murdoch and Hannibal on the big screen. I might be the only one, but still......