Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brain Dump

So many things to say, related, yet unrelated.

To begin, we found a house that we are very interested in buying. I never mentioned that we were looking because I'm secretive like that. *ha* Our current lease does not end until July 22 but we'd like to find someone to sublease the house so we can move forward with an offer.

Stepping back into a classroom for the first time in five years on Tuesday. I think, for the time being, that it's a good idea to proceed with classes. Standing still and pulling my hair out about the future will do nothing more than leave me in the same place with a pile of locs at my feet. Gotta move forward. Been standing still long enough. I spent about 40 minutes planning three different educational routes for myself in case something happens (like another bout of indecisiveness). I have my class schedule planned out through next summer....Destination--MBA.

Warren and I met a friend on Friday night to discuss future ministry plans. I was super encouraged after speaking with him. We parted ways and walked out to our car and I literally felt refreshed. We discussed our friend's goals to get a cross cultural church plant started in the metro Atlanta area. Can't get into too many details, but I was elated to hear the way the Lord is clearing a path for this thing to get off the ground.

Working on a few things from my list of 101 things. For 11 days, I've abstained from all my favorite drinks. No Coca Cola, no coffee. Just water...That knocks out #1. I begin my "no fried foods" on February 1. I'm also working on my "side hustle." Began a set of locs on Saturday. I really want to work on my technique for starting locs. Too much of a perfectionist. Took 7 hours to complete her hair. The parts are perfect and aside from one or two edge locs, they are all the same exact size. We scheduled her next appointment for the first weekend in February. I'm determined to get her touch up down to 2.5 hours (totally doable). That's three things in the works...

Trying to see if I can get volunteering back on the schedule this spring. I was working with a GED prep program in the fall, but I don't want to overwhelm myself with work, school, home life, etc. Noon prayer (group) is back for Wednesday afternoons. Never should have been out. Ahhh...I'm done.

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