Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Return of Fresh Faced

Wanted to give an update on Fresh Faced. She and another Jehovah's Witness visited my house about two months ago. Can you believe she came back? How dope is that? Read more about our first encounter here.

I was in the closet sorting through an old box, throwing away tapes and papers. Can you believe I had an Animal Farm report from my 11th grade Honors English class? I'm sure I'm destined to be on Hoarders. I don't know if I've kept it because I'm a fan of dystopias or because I think someone, some day will want to read my brilliant 16 year old musings on the clear parallels between the story and the Bolshevik Revolution...

Anyway, the dogs start going crazy, as usual. Warren is home this time, so I ask him if someone's outside.

"I think it's some J-Dubs," he replies.

Once again, I'm thoroughly unprepared for company, both mentally and physically, but I jump up and throw some jeans on.

Warren is standing at the door, warmly welcoming our visitors. I peek around his tall frame and see her. It's Fresh Faced!

"Hi!," I beam.

Her smile is as wide as mine. It's almost as if we're old friends who haven't seen each other in a while. I see another woman approaching from my left side.

"This is my mother."

We greet each other and away we go...

We talk for about two hours. We cover everything from the reality of hell to the deity of Christ, from the 144,000 to Paradise Earth. While Warren and Mother discuss a passage in Revelation, I take advantage of a few moments to talk to Fresh Faced with little interruption from Mother. I tell her how I prayed she'd return. How I blogged about her. She smiles that shy smile, barely making eye contact. She agrees with me that the Lord led her back. LOL...We have our own ideas as to why. She's supposed to convince me that Jesus isn't divine, how he died on a stake and about "the kingdom." I'm supposed to tell her about the biblical Jesus, the one whose good news is of "first importance" according to Paul.

I tell her I understand the sacrifice she'd be making if she believed what Warren and I were telling her about Jesus and the blasphemous theology of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

"I know you'd have to give up relationships. Your mother, your father, all your friends...I know they wouldn't talk to you anymore. You'd be treated as an outsider."

She doesn't correct me.

I thought about how difficult terrifying it would be to abandon all you've ever known. Jehovah's Witnesses do not closely associate with anyone who is not a part of the organization. Imagine growing up in it! Her mother was baptized in 1983. FF has literally been in and around this cult her entire life.

Near the end, Warren tells them to check out Council of Nicea and I suggest they look into the Athanasian Creed. Aside from believing Trinitarians believe God the Father, IS God the Son (wrong), they also believe God the Holy Spirit is a force.

We exchange numbers and tell them we'll call them when we move to our new home.

"I don't think I ever got your name. My name is Gloria."

Fresh Faced looked at me, smiling. "My name is Shannon."

Pray this is the beginning of a friendship. We both really believe what we say, only thing is the gospel we preach is the gospel of Jesus Christ--the power of God for salvation. I know she came back because she thinks she can change my mind. We both have ulterior motives. May the true and only wise God be glorified through any future encounters we may have...


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  1. Wow. Amazing that she came right back...who knows how this will end! Hopefully with her being won over.