Monday, June 7, 2010

Doobie, doobie, doooooo

  1. The countdown is on. We're moving in a little over a month. We've got tons of packing to do.
  2. I've been on Realtor and Weichert like crazy, trying to figure out if we should buy or rent...still moving.
  3. Gave Monica some practice on my hair. She did a good job. I haven't had another person's hands in my hair since 2006. Relaxing!
  4. Speaking of Monica, she was a raw foodie for 6 months. Said she would think about revisiting it in 3 months if I want to try it. *pondering*
  5. Chuckling over people who were born in raised in Southeast GA putting places in the midwest or north as their "hometowns." How does this work? You were born here, attended elementary, middle and high school here...then you went to college an hour away...BUT you are from (insert a different place)? C'mon son.
  6. Can't decide which camcorder to buy...
  7. I'm going to order Valana Minerals as soon as I hit the post button. We'll see how it works out. I want to "liberate my face!"
  8. People come and people go and then they come back again...'tis life...I'm cool with it.
  9. I'm actually getting nervous/anxious about going to this reunion thing. Almost to the point of not going. I need to grow up. I know.
  10. J. Nicole is supposed to be coming down on June 18. I'll believe it when I see it....yes, JB...I'm talking to you.
  11. *yawn*


  1. You're moving?! Are you staying in Statesboro, or elsewhere?

  2. Moving but still living in the 'boro. We still have a few more years to go before we blow this popsicle stand.

  3. I was a raw foodie for six months, about two years ago. I had some crazy-amazing energy. Are you really thinking about doing it? I have been toying with it...if you do, let me know...that might motivate me too :)

  4. Laurel! Yes ma' will be a SLOW transition. Monica sent me a note yesterday about a 19 month transition (LOL)...Goal 1---get off fast food by the end of July.

    I know it wouldn't take that long for you to transition though. You already eat so healthy!!

  5. Now that I think of it, she may have meant 9 month...I should ask her. 19 months is a mighty long time!