Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ramble like it's 9/9/09

  1. So it's 9/9/09. Next year we'll have 10/10/10 and the year after that 11/11/11. Finally, we'll have 12/12/12. The next time this happens, my body will be long dead and my soul will be with the Lord.
  2. People are funny.
  3. I love my husband more than I did on July 12, 2008. I didn't know I could love him this much.
  4. I finally called about advisement today. I've decided to do postbacc to do the pre-reqs for my MACC or MBA. Big step. Semi-scary. Likelihood of using said degree in the corporate world? Slim. It IS a life goal though. I'm a firm believer in working towards accomplishing life goals. If the sun shines and the creek don't rise, I'll be back in school in the Spring. I finished my undergraduate degree 5 years ago. Lord help me!
  5. I'm completely worn out from today's training session. Talking for 3 hours straight is tiring.
  6. Dr. Rice visited my alma mater last night and I was fortunate enough to attend. She is awesome. Sounds trite, but seriously, she is awesome. QUITE a woman.
  7. I can see the floor of our bedroom. We'll see how long that lasts.
  8. I love my Pandora Radio Station. It's perfect.
  9. My pastor preached on Malachi 1:1-10 and the Lord pierced my heart. Help me understand your love for me Lord!
  10. I'm totally over my MAC SFF. Time to finally try MUFE HDF.
I ate:
Apple slices, low fat graham crackers, Coke Zero, Salisbury steak and potatoes, low fat granola with chocolate chunks

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